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POCTech attended the seventy-sixth annual meeting of the ADA

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   The Annual American Diabetes Association Scientific Conference was held in New Orleans between June 10 and June 15 in 2016 grandly. Participants from all over the world shared more than 2500 academic reports, including academic and education meeting, oral presentations and poster display. Also the most famous diabetes expert had a topical speech.

The top diabetes experts from all over the world discussed the study of acute and chronic complications, clinical diabetes treatment, behavioral medicine, clinical nutrition, education and sports, epidemiology, genetics of insulin action and molecular mechanism. Among them, dynamic blood glucose monitoring and closed loop therapy is still an important research direction in the treatment of diabetes, continue reporting new research achievements.Furthermore,this conference published the achievement which is night closed-loop system is beneficial for adults and teenagers with diabetes.

The 70 year history ADA is an important platform for manufacturers around the world to display the latest technology and products, important manufacturers in this industry are present every year.

POCTech Corporation participated in the exhibition of the General Assembly with Continues Glucose monitoring products, and showed the latest CGM products to doctors and experts from different countries.POCTech CT100 Continue Glucose monitoring system have an excellent advantage which is 7 days with once daily calibration. In 2015, 80 clinical researches in two hospitals in Beijing showed excellent accuracy.MARD achieved 9.61% (compared with Finger BG) and 8.67% (compared with Venous BG), catching up the top (MARD=10%) which is DETCON CGM Company. Besides the improvement of Glucose detection microelectrode, CT-100 CGM system has applicants of blue teeth and color-display of touch screen. What is more, it is a product which has high detection accuracy and intelligence.

During the conference, doctors and people of the same occupation from different countries expressed highly concern of this product and the intention of cooperation.

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